Meax Level

Machine tool leveling / 2-axis levelling

Meax Level sensors have a unique design with wireless communication via Bluetooth and a rechargeable battery. It allows use of the machine even if the machine doors are closed, which is a prerequisite for working safely in the machine.


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Machine Tool Leveling

2-axis-leveling and pitch/roll of the machine bed

To check that the machine’s movements run straight without any pitching, a solution with multiple sensors is required. The MEAX LR sensor is positioned on the machine bed and the MEAX LM sensor is fitted to the tool holder using the attachment supplied. In this way you measure the angle deviation of the machine’s movement in relation to its bed. At the same time, you measure straightness with the help of a laser. The result is presented in graphic form the wireless display unit, with the option of naming the specific movement you have measured.


Meax Level