Meax® Level Single

Meax® Level is a unique 2-axis high precision inclination  sensor  with a large measuring  range (± 100 mm/m) with same accuracy (± 5 µm/m).


The MEAX Level Single use one 2 axes-sensor for different measurement tasks when checking the geometry status of machine tools. It uses the readings from the 2-axes level sensor and connects to any mobile device which display  the measuring results in the Meax Level  App.

With Meax Level Single it is possible to measure an object’s inclination towards gravity  (levelling) or to measure an object relative angular deviation (roll / pitch)  during machine axes movement. The sensor can also  be used to monitor any angular movements over a time.

A unique feature of Meax Level is that combines a wide measurement range (±100 mm/m)  with high accuracy (± 0,005/m) which is constant in its entire measuring range. This feature allows the MEAX Level sensor to be mounted on surface using  a magnetic base , in tool holders using a 16mm shaft holder or to  be mounted on customized fixtures which further increased the flexibility of the Meax Level Single system


The 2-axis level sensor

The future of machine tool levelling measurement is here. MEAX Level has brought together new technology that generates accuracy down to 0,005 mm/m with a user interface in smartphones and tablet. Within of a five minutes, MEAX Level will enable you to determine whether the machine is in level and is receiving data concerning roll/pitch in the machine movement. Thanks to a wireless connection to the smartphone or tablet, MEAX Level reads two angles in the same measurement.

Logical interface

MEAX Level is equipped with Bluetooth, which you use to connect to your mobile unit (iOS or Android). This is easily achieved by the user-friendly  MEAX Level App. It displays the angle deviation down to resolution of 0,001 mm/m. The results are saved on your device, and can be shared in any way you wish from your file handling system, through e-mail, etc

Industrial use

  • Both level sensors come fitted with batteries sufficient for 12 hours’ continuous operation.
  • Each sensor include a battery indicator which displays the battery status without activating the sensors or tablet.
  • The designed and color are customized  to be easily seen in industrial environment.
  • MEAX Level is also IP65-classed, giving a significant level of protection against liquids and dust.



Meax® Level Single

Meax® Level

Technical Specification

Operating temperature. 15 to 30 °C ( 59 to 86 °F)
Storage temperature : -20 to 70 °C
Relative  humidity: 10–90 %
Weight: 386 g (13,6oz)
Dimensions: 77 mm x 84 mm x 45 mm
Environmental protection: IP 65
Inclinometer: High performance MEMS inclinometers
Calibrated measuring range: ±50 mm/m
Internal Resolution: 0,001mm/m
Displayed Resolution:* 0,01 mm/m

Inclinometer accuracy: 1 % ±0,005 mm/m
Temperature error:
 0,015 mm/m/°C
Communication range: 10 m
Warming up time: 30 min.
Operating time: 12 hours continuously
Battery Charging time: 8 hours
Wireless Communication: Class I Bluetooth transceiver with multi-drop capability
BLE Bluetooth Low Energy (BT 4.0) and Classic Bluetooth
*Using MEAX Level-app