Meax® Level App

Performing high precision levelling measurements

This is a companion app for performing high precision levelling measurements of machinery or other mechanical components. The app can also be used for pitch and roll measurements on moveable machine components or setting two objects parallel to each other, using the MEAX Level products. The app guides the user through the complete measurement and evaluation process when using the high precision 2-axis MEAX Level inclination sensors. Together, this simplifies the otherwise cumbersome and time consuming task to measure and adjust an entire machine or component into perfect levelling, setting it parallel to another object or making sure that it has no twist during movement.

—- Note: This app works only with the MEAX® Level sensors —-

Key Features

  • Connected using Bluetooth®. Requires Bluetooth 4.0
  • Intuitive user interface, all symbols and graphics – no text
  • Work with either a single or a pair of MEAX Level sensor.
  • 2-axis sensors – measures in both axis at the same time.
  • Possible to share the measurement result using e-mail.