Meax® Dox

Allows you to create a measurement report in just 30 seconds.

MEAX® Dox is the software that helps you generate professional measurement reports and compile a database of MEAX measurements that you have performed in the field. Measurement reports traditionally include both manual and time-consuming work that can take several hours to put together. MEAX Dox allows you to create a measurement report in just 30 seconds.

The built-in 3D tool helps you generate a model of the machine that is measured in line with the
machine categories specified in ISO standards. This makes it easier to visualise and understand the results of your measurement report. As you can save measurements from multiple instances on your PC, you will find out how your machine is progressing over time. It will then be easy to identify when maintenance is required.


Meax® Dox

Visual Report in 30 seconds Meax® Dox !

The MEAX-products offers quick and efficient checks of the geometrical status of machine tools. The MEAX DOX report tool offers state of the art documentation process with unsurpassed
report quality ensuring fast and correct interpretation of the collected geometrical data.


Get the axes straight!

MEAX® DOX keeps track of the coordinate system of the machine.
After selecting the machine type, MEAX DOX automatically inserts the correct coordinate system in the report, linking the MEAX data file to the axes of the machine configuration

State of the art machine library

MEAX® DOX includes an impressive library of machine tool models. An intuitive user interface guides the user when selecting machine type, spindle head, table, work head and other features, ensuring the report mimics the real world machine!

1. Select Machine Model

2. Import MEAX® Datafile

3. Create Report!