Meax® Coaxiality

2-axis control of spindle/toolholder

Unique laser with two axis detector sensors with guided interface to make easy and quick measurement.

Meax® Coaxiality

The future of machine measurement

As ever-increasing demands are being placed on machine tools, we have arrived at the conclusion that an optimally functional machine forms the basis for better business. Modern machine tools must be maintain a high level of flexibility, a high degree of utilization and a minimum downtime which calls for the correct geometry in all the machine´s  movements.

So we created MEAX and started to sketch solutions for machine tool measurement that, in our opinion, are also self-evident that they should have been developed a long time ago.  By performing fast measurement, possessing a logical user interface, smart application and fewer complicated functions, we can now build a future machine tool measurement.


MEAX Coaxiality work with free MEAX Coax App! This app is your companion for making high precision coaxiality measurements for your machine tool period, typically between a spindle and the tool holder. The app guides you through the measurement and the evaluation period. This simplifies the  task of ensuring that the spindle and tool are perfectly aligned and to quickly check that the machine is still functional after an accident.


Logical interface

MEAX Coax is equipped with Bluetooth, which you use to connect to your mobile unit (iOS or Android). This is easily achieved by the user-friendly  MEAX Coax App. It displays the angle deviation down to resolution of 0,001 mm/m. The results are saved on your device, and can be shared in any way you wish from your file handling system, through e-mail, etc

Industrial use

  • Both sensors come fitted with batteries sufficient for 12 hours’ continuous operation.
  • Each sensor include a battery indicator which displays the battery status without activating the sensors or tablet.
  • The designed and color are customized  to be easily seen in industrial environment.
  • MEAX Coax is also IP65-classed, giving a significant level of protection against liquids and dust.

Meax® Coaxiality

Features Meax® Coaxiality


  • Easy  mount – Quick installation, no settings, no adjustment of lasers, no control of centering .
  • App-based –  Easy to get started! Use your phone!
  • Wireless – Enable rotating the machine chuck during the measuring process. Doors can be closed when measuring.
  • 2-axis sensors – MEAX Coaxiality reads two angles in the same measurement.
  • Save and share – The results are saved on your device, and can easily  be shared
  • Measuring distance – Up to 5 m.

Technicals Specification

Housing material : Anodized Alimimium and ABS plastic
Operating temperature : 15 to 30°C ( 59 to 86°F)
Weight: 306 g (10.9 oz)
Dimensions: 82mm x 86mm x 33mm (3.2 in x 3.4 in x 1.3 in)
Environmental protection: IP 65
Laser: 650 nm class II diode laser
Laser Power: < 1mW
Measuring distance: Up to 5 m
Detector: 2-axis PSD
Detector size: 16mm x16mm (0.6in x 0.6in )
Detector resolution: 1µm

Measurement accuracy: 1% ± 3 µm
Inclinometer resolution: 0.01°
Inclinometer accuracy: ± 0.1°
Communication range: 10 m (33 ft)
Power supply: High performance Lilon battery or external power
Battery charging time (system off, room temp): 8 h
Battery LED indicators : Unit state, laser transmission, battery status and Bluetooth  status.
Using MEAX® COAX App*