Meax Coax® App

Performing high precision coaxility measurements

This is a companion app for performing high precision coaxility measurements of machine tools, typically between two opposing workhead spindles or a workhead spindle and a tool holder. The app guides the user through the complete measurement and evaluation process when using the high precision MEAX transmitter/detector sensors SM 201 and SR 201. Together, this simplifies the otherwise cumbersome and time consuming task to ensure that workhead spindle and tools are perfectly aligned, or to quickly check that a machine is still within tolerance after a crash.

—- Note: This app works only with the MEAX® SM 201 and MEAX® SR 201 —-

Key Features

  • Connected using Bluetooth®. Requires Bluetooth 4.0
  • Intuitive user interface, all symbols and graphics – no text
  • Compensates for machine bed slant
  • Saves the measurement result and makes it possible to share it using standard functions


MEAX Coaxiality work with free MEAX Coax App! This app is your companion for making high precision coaxiality measurements for your machine tool period, typically between a spindle and the tool holder. The app guides you through the measurement and the evaluation period. This simplifies the  task of ensuring that the spindle and tool are perfectly aligned and to quickly check that the machine is still functional after an accident.