MEAX® is a specially designed measuring system for conducting checks of the geometric status of machine tools in a short time and with high accuracy. MEAX measures the geometry of the machine’s movements in a number of simple steps using the various applications.

The MEAX MT30 comes in two robust trolley cases for convenient transport.

Meax® MT30

MEAX® MT30 is a complete product package for checks in both lathes, milling machines as well as turning and machine center.

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MEAX MT20 comes in a small and sturdy case which makes it very easy to bring along with you.

Meax® MT20

MEAX® MT20 is a complete product package for checks in horizontal lathes / turning centers.

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Meax® Coaxiality

Meax® Coax is a product with a unique laser with two axis detector sensors with guided interface to make easy and quick measurement.

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Meax® Level Single

Meax® Level is a unique 2-axis high precision inclination sensor with a large measuring range (± 100 mm/m) with same accuracy (± 5 µm/m).

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Meax® Level Dual

In order to check machine movements, that the machine tool is in level and that the machine bed is not subject to roll/pitch, a two-sensor solution is required…

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Meax® Pen

Meax® Pen is a battery-powered measuring probe that connects wirelessly via Bluetooth to a mobile device using an App. MEAX® Pen can be used…

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Meax® T-Log

MEAX T-Log documents the temperature throughout the measurement process to ensure that measurement results are not affected by temperature variations in your premises

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Meax® Dox

MEAX® Dox is the software that helps you generate professional measurement reports and compile a database of MEAX measurements that…

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Accessories range associated to the different MEAX® products as well as the dimensions for each of them

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Tool Holders

MEAX series tool holders

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Meax® Level App

It is a application for high accuracy level measurement on machine or other mechanical component …

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Meax Coax® App

It is an application for making co-axial measurements on machine tools with high accuracy, typically between …

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