18 October 2017

MEAX PEN – Safe and reliable measurement of run-out using a smart pen

MEAX expands the range of measurement functions with the MEAX Pen for measuring run-out on machine spindles or backlash in machine axes.

“Because the MEAX Pen is of wireless design, it can be used in machines with doors closed,” says Peter Sandström,  former Head of Marketing at MEAX.

Run-out on machine spindles can be due to worn bearings, a bent spindle shaft or a damaged surface in the tool chuck. Because run-out on the machine spindle directly impacts on the quality of the produced part, it is important to ensure the deviation can be measured and dealt with. Most modern machine tools can only be operated with the doors closed, and this is why MEAX has developed methods for performing measurement wirelessly The hardware in the MEAX pen is equipped with Bluetooth that connects to a smartphone via the MEAX app so that results can be documented on the spot.

“This now means that run-out on machine spindles or backlash in machine axes can be measured without compromising operator safety,” says Peter Sandström.
Meax Pen is available in two versions: with a measurement range of 2 millimetres for extremely accurate readings, and with a measurement range of 5 millimetres for maximum flexibility.

Both pens are high-precision instruments and give readings down to 1 µm.

About Meax

Meax products are used for calibrating machine tools. They are manufactured by Acoem which develops innovative solutions for industrial maintenance.The company has more than three decades of experience of machine measurements under its belt. Meax has previously launched the revolutionary measurement tools Meax Level, Coaxiality and MT20.

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Hans Hilmersson