All photos are from measurements in a 5-axis vertical machining center. It shows some of the different measurements that can be made  with MEAX®MT30

Measuring straightness (in two axes) of the X-axis motion. The SR-sensor mounted at a fixed location  and SM-Sensor mounted on the machine spindle. This set-up of the sensors allow checking the straightness on the entire travel of the X-axis.

The SR-sensor is mounted together with pointing fixture and magnetic base.  The SM-sensor is mounted on the machine spindle using the vertical spindle holder and magnetic base, allowing flexibility for the set-up in the machine. The straightness is measured by moving the machine spindle to different positions on the X-axis.



Recording of the 1’st point of Strevel™ measurement on X-axis. It is performed by simultaneously connecting 4 sensors, two lasers sensors (SR,SM) , and two level sensors (LM and LR). The LM-sensor mounted on the machine table is used as a reference level sensor during the measurement.

Set-up of SR sensor for checking Strevel™ in Y-axis using the pointing fixture and magnetic base.


Set-up  of sensors for Strevel™  measurement in Y-axis. SR- and LR- sensor mounted  on machine spindle which is fixed during the measurement. SM- and LM- sensor mounted on the machine table.  The trunnion is moved in- and out (Y axis) during the measurement.


Mounting of the SR- and LR-sensor for the Strevel™ measurement in Y axis.

Set-up  the sensors for Strevel™ measurement in Z-axis. The same set-up  can be used for coaxiality between the C-axis on the tale tool spindle and parallelism between  spindle and Z-axis movement.