A global company at the forefront of innovation

ACOEM is a global actor at the cutting edge of innovation in maintenance, engineering and monitoring. Over the last 30 years, we have, for example, learned a great deal about measurement techniques within industry.

Three decades of expertise lead to many different insights. For our part, it led to a decisive concept.
As ever-increasing demands are being placed on machine tools, we have arrived at the conclusion that an optimally functional machine forms the basis for better business. Modern machine tools must maintain a high level of flexibility, a high degree of utilization and a minimum downtime which calls for the correct geometry in all the machine’s movements.

So we created MEAX and started to sketch solutions for machine tool measurements that, in our opinion, are so self-evident that they should have been developed a long time ago.

By performing fast measurements, possessing a logical user interface, smart applications and fewer complicated functions, we can now build a future for machine tool measurement.

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