Meax® MT30

MEAX® MT30 is a complete product package for checks in both lathes, milling machines as well as turning and machine center.

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Meax® MT20

MEAX® MT20 is a complete product package for checks in horizontal lathes / turning centers.

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Meax® Coaxiality

Meax® Coax is a product with a unique laser with two axis detector sensors with guided interface to make easy and quick measurement.

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Meax® Level Single

Meax® Level is a unique 2-axis high precision inclination sensor with a large measuring range (± 100 mm/m) with same accuracy (± 5 µm/m).

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Meax® Level Dual

In order to check machine movements, that the machine tool is in level and that the machine bed is not subject to roll/pitch, a two-sensor solution is required…

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Meax® Level

2-axis angle sensor for machine tool measurement

The future of machine tool measurement is here. MEAX Level has brought together new technology that generates precision down to 0,001 mm/m with a user interface in modern smartphones and tablet computers. Within of a few minutes, MEAX Level will enable you to determine whether the machine is in level and is receiving data concerning roll/pitch in the machine bed. With the aid of a wireless connection to the smartphone or tablet, MEAX Level reads two angles in the same measurement.

Works with the free MEAX® Level app for wireless machine measurement! The app will guide you through the measurement process with our ease-of-use interface fast and easy!

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Meax® MT30 contains five measuring sensors!

MEAX MT30 is a specially designed measuring system for conducting checks of the geometric status of machine tools in a short time and with high accuracy.

Meax MT30 contains five measuring sensors that are all connected wirelessly to the display unit in which all measurement results are calculated and presented immediately to the user. The results of the measurements are presented both graphically and numerically for a simple assessment and can be stored in the memory on the display unit.

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MEAX Dox is the software that helps you generate professional measurement reports

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Meax®MT20 Squareness

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About Meax and Acoem

A global company that is at the forefront of innovation

ACOEM is a global actor at the cutting edge of innovation in maintenance, engineering and monitoring. Over the last 30 years, we have, for example, learned a great deal about measurement techniques within industry.

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