MEAX Coaxiality 2-axlig kontroll av spindel/verktygshållare

 Head MEAX Coaxiality 900x400

Logical interface

MEAX Coaxiality is equipped with Bluetooth, which you use to connect to your mobile unit (iOS or Android). This is easily achieved using the MEAX Coax App which, with an easy-to-understand user interface, displays the possition and pointing dirction of the toolholder and the opposing spindle. The results are saved on your device, and can be shared in any way you wish from your file handling system, through e-mail, etc.

The 2-axis angle sensor

MEAX Coaxiality has brought together new technology that generates precision down to 0,001 mm/m with a user interface in modern smartphones and tablet computers. Within of a few minutes, MEAX Coaxiality will enable you to check wether it is coaxiality between the workhead spindle and toolholder or opposing spindle. With the aid of a wireless connection to the smartphone or tablet, MEAX Coaxiality reads two directions in the same measurement.




16 mm shaft - Quick installation, no settings, no adjustments of lasers, no control of centering.
App-based – Easy to get started! Use your phone!
Wireless - Enable rotating the machine chuck during the measuring process. Doors can be cloosed when measuring.
2-axis sensors – MEAX Coaxiality reads two angles in the same measurement.
Save and share - The results are saved on your device, and can easily be shared.
Measuring distance - Up to 3 m.


Screen MEAX Coaxiality



 MEAX Coaxiality works with the free MEAX Coax app!
This is a companion app for performing high precision coaxility measurements of machine tools, typically between two opposing workhead spindles or a workhead spindle and a tool holder. The app guides the user through the complete measurement and evaluation process when using the high precision MEAX transmitter/detector sensors SM 201 and SR 201. Together, this simplifies the otherwise cumbersome and time consuming task to ensure that workhead spindle and tools are perfectly aligned, or to quickly check that a machine is still within tolerance after a crash.

Download the app here!



Technical Specification

Housing material: Anodized Aliminium and ABS plastic Operating Temp: 15 to 30°C ( 59 to 86°F) Weight: 306 g (10.9 oz) Dimensions: 82mm x 86mm x 33mm (3.2 in x 3.4 in x 1.3 in) Environmental protection: IP 65 Laser: 650 nm class IIdiode laser Laser power: < 1mW Measure distance: Up to 3 m Detector: 2-axis PSD Detector size: 16mm x16mm (0.6in x 0.6in ) Detector resolution: 1µm Measurement accuracy: 1% ± 3 µm Inclinometer resolution: 0.01° Inclinometer accuracy: ± 0.1° Communication range: 10 m (33 ft) Power supply: High preformance Lilon battery or external power Battery charging time (system off, room temp): 8 h Battery LED indicators: Unit state, laser transmission, battery status and Bluetooth status Using MEAX COAX App*

What's in the case