2-axis angle sensor for machine tool measurement

The future of machine tool measurement is here. MEAX Level has brought together new technology that generates precision down to 0,01 mm/m with a user interface in modern smartphones and tablet computers. Within of a few minutes, MEAX Level will enable you to determine whether the machine is in level and is receiving data concerning roll/pitch in the machine bed. With the aid of a wireless connection to the smartphone or tablet, MEAX Level reads two angles in the same measurement.






Works with the free MEAX Level app for wireless machine measurement! The app will guide you through the measurement process with our ease-of-use interface fast and easy!

MEAX SINGLE Level – 2-axis angle sensorLEVEL SINGLE

MEAX DUAL Level – 2-axis machine tool levellingLEVEL DUAL

MEAX Level App for instant measurement resultsMEAX LEVEL APP